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How to Build Your Dream

Real Estate School of Austin will Show You How to Avoid: The traditional real estate classroom that makes students stare at an instructor for hours… or the equal time staring at online courses via a computer monitor. The months that it takes to get a Texas Real Estate License… and much more.

Here’s the Better Way…

You won’t have to go through all of that if you enroll in our approved online training that provide easy to understand content. We let you download eBooks to your computer and print them for your reading convenience and provide online access to quizzes and final exams. We include a live review prep course, and will also give you access to a live professional to help you through the course and answer any career question questions you may have.

The courses have been put together to prepare you for passing the Texas Real Estate License test! And doing so while studying at your leisure in the comfort of your own home. Becoming a Licensed Texas Real Estate Agent has never been faster and easier than before landing on this Real Estate School Austin web site.

The old way of obtaining a real estate license in Texas, was to study the Texas Real Estate Commission required courses for 210 total hours of online or offline instruction. But don’t worry! Your Real Estate School Austin Online Training will prepare you in much less time!

The Real Estate Training is an accredited Texas Real Estate education source that provides an opportunity for you to complete your required training in as much time as you can spare. This is accomplished by leveraging online training methods, that utilizes your free time at an accelerated rate.

Traditional real estate schools require you to take much more offline or online instruction. With our method you spend just enough time to learn how to pass the Texas real estate exam, to get your license faster! We know you want to begin selling real estate as quick as possible, so our training methods are designed to accomplish just that… to get your license in less time!

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